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The universe of capital market instruments provides companies with wide array of corporate actions in an effort to expand their businesses.  From capital market-related matter such as equity offerings, bonds issuance, merger & acquisition, divestments, to advisory-related deal such as business valuation and restructuring, the dynamics of capital market offers companies looking to raise funds more options than traditional banking world.

IPO is the process of initial public offering of securities by a company that offered to the general public to comply with the capital market. The proceeds from the offerings can be used for business development purposes. Another tool to acquire additional funds is through right issue, private placement, divestment transaction or by issuing debt instruments.  Deciding and executing which corporate actions is the most suitable for the company is very critical in achieving companies’ objectives.

Trimegah has more than 24 years of experience in handling various transactions in the Capital Markets. Trimegah Investment Banking Division provides financial services such as equity and bond underwriting as well as financial advisory services for corporate actions. Supported by professional and experienced team, Investment Banking Division becomes one of the many advantages and added value of Trimegah.


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